A rare glimpse inside the mind of an insane, sleep-deprived wizard

Last week, I worked 25.5 hours in a 32-hour period, leaving virtually zero time for sleep. Just before leaving work at midnight, technically Thursday morning, I decided the best way to stay awake on the ride home was to find a speech-to-text app and yell at my phone the whole way home. I was right. The following represents carefully curated excerpts from this sleep-deprived diatribe. The fallible nature of the app means that many of the words found herein are not the ones that I actually spoke but the ones that the app heard. Since my memory of this time of unusual mental status is (at least) just as unreliable as the technology I was using, it’s impossible to discern which specific words and phrases are mine alone. It should also be noted that, while even the excerpts will prove shocking to some – reader discretion is advised – to subject the general public to the full and uncensored transcript of this experiment would represent a potentially corrupting and damaging act against society itself. 

Some semblance of obscenity-laden introduction…

I’ve been talking for like 10 minutes while lost in fucking Manchester and rambling about all the things I might’ve lost all but what ever okay bye that might be how it has to be, okay, so we’re just going to start over…yeah basically to get out my car okay goddamnit don’t fucking shut off. Okay, I’m talking, don’t shut up with Freakout sleep deprived without loss for a while it’s real fucking late at night and you know we got we got to quit you know we got it, we got it now. Headed out eventually in terms of this session of consciousness, we have to go to sleep for a very short period of time for the next round of responsibilities. Kinya, okay, so I need to stop to continue working girls all this rambling sort of anything not to remember: way too sleep deprived…

On Facebook arguments and tolerance

Facebook arguments are something that I mainly engage in so that I can get my own aggression out and which I have a lot of. I have a lot of aggression because I get frustrated, I get frustrated at the state of the world say…shut off again, okay, don’t keep shutting off, fuck you, machine, I’m wasting a lot of breath. I guess at least it’s keeping me awake I don’t even know I don’t even know if any of this is gonna be saved but I can at least remember that I didn’t and now cheers to good memories, all right? I finally am out of Bedford right now we only have like a 35 minute more time to get a bunch of bullsh*t seven.


I’m not tolerant of on empathetic worldviews. I am not tolerant of people who want to endorse unjust conditions in economic chauvinism and oppression simply because they think that everybody else is just going to be fine or that the world is great because the world is great for them. I am not tolerated that I am not tolerant of people who engage in a fucking free market ostensibly in order to take advantage of the entire world and a massive amounts of wealth himself. I am not tolerant of that, okay? I am not tolerant of people who believe that we should be at the mercy of employers and capitalist and wealthy people that are labor is Aloo to these people so that they can amass more wealth simply because they only to begin with are not tolerant of that I am not tolerant of all kinds of things and that’s okay if you can’t tell already furthermore I am not moderate I do not believe in moderation the word does not exist.

Maybe some thoughts on the solstice, loosely, plus an encounter with the police

Time for because I barely have time for my quote “routine” that I can never seem to settle into; it reminds us of another extreme in December we celebrated the extreme of lowlight now we celebrate the extreme of all light. Using other extremes, I will be the first to admit that there are many times especially lately what I am extremely political and I am not spiritual enough when I recognize that the appropriate response is to compensate for it with other extremes of spirituality if. I am working very hard, to balance that with extremes of relaxation. If I am writing too much, Idalis, that with extremes of reading. When I get into my crusades my quest for justice I tend to go overboard I do not apologize for that I am doing the best that I can.

Having peace in our hearts, if not in the world around us, is having us a spirit of justice, within ourselves is not without that requires us to step back and to allow other people to make mistakes and to permit down and in some cases to forgive. We need to be gentle especially when we are consumed with being a bad –

– You have to speak to the police, he is going to think that I am fucked up because I am so sleep deprived. Just listen to me, I do not want to have to talk to him. He was pulling somebody else over, that is great. Okay I seem to be safe for the moment until we see the next police officer which will happen, okay? Point is, I need to relax – just listen to me  – I need to relax. I need to look at the wonder in the world I need to remember that I am a human being NAgent what that means I need to settle down step back and soak in the light because some of the light will be gone.

Clarifying religious philosophy

I am not a Buddhist, even though sometimes Buddhist things are good. The reason for that is because Buddhist philosophy not dissimilar to Christian or Jewish or Islamic Flossies, is Lennear is moving from point A to a final point B. Buddhist philosophy seeks to escape just like Christian philosophy seems to escape the world, for having Buddhist philosophy seeks to escape some Sciorra for Nirvana, the end of desire the end of struggle, do not believe in.

Taoism that wasn’t recognizes that there is never a good reason if you’re right if you release yourself from suffering and desire the only place to go from there is not some Forêt which doesn’t exist, it is back to suffering and desire. Trust the summer solstice teaches us that even as light reaches its victory it’s Cita. Even as we are at a peak of energy and triumphs the next stage is decline and defeat.


Even if we cannot see you today, nothing is linear. Human existence travels solely in circles. That must be recognized at all times. We must recognize where we are in the circle, we must embrace. If not embracing, we must accept it. Ideally, we would love it. Taoism the most Dallas would dismiss me as unserious and unlearned. That’s fine, I don’t care.What goes up must come down, everything goes round and round, and all of it is one thing. It cannot really be described at all and is everything and is uncomprehensible to our human sensibilities. The challenge that we must seek to comprehend even if we may never get there to consider what doesn’t make sense to release our conscious data fact driven minds to the fluid to the serene to the dream state to the intangible itself as I am so serious and as I fancy myself a warrior I must then intern soon my duties not just as Berzerk but as gentle spiritual ship.

If we have Gunsolly in the early part of the year in one direction, let us know at this point in the solstice going the other, but our other extremes balance our previous extreme and let our shades be balanced by our other crusades.

Now I am starting to make even less sense than I was before.

An extremely cryptic closing argument

So these beautiful marks the final statement parting words thoroughly. Once again, the words of the great Robert Hunter: “Seeds were silent all first into blue MGK fall Blomme Fellita DJ from all the candy will come the blue.” [Note: NOT a real Robert Hunter lyric.] We do well to apply to Alma for people who’ve done wrong with whom we’re not feeling. You may have been severe because you’ve high expectations and those maybe justify. The look of kindness upon those people with me being your family among your friends my new workplace movie –  even be counted among your truest and even among those who have betrayed you to try to lighten up on them because not so much because it will do good for them because you will do good for you and it will make your life that much better than me then you channel your energy into the places where is most needed.

Most blogs, nothing’s only one thing because because it’s everything. That changes things, which is a great statement to great Pénélope, so I don’t enjoy the solstice. Remember market. Don’t forget it don’t let it pass you by – two important times of year to opportunity for so many things – even if you’re nothing like me which is probably pretty likely since I don’t really understand the way that other people were, just not the same way that I do we have different challenges. When you have different extremes, well, try to think a little critically figure out what –

Then I went to bed.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like me to stay up all night and come speak at your graduation, bar mitzvah, company function, or motivational seminar. My rates are very low to reasonable.

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