Just a Friendly Neighborhood Wizard, At Your Service

After all, every valley (and mountain) needs a wizard.

It’s been over five years. Five years of fits and starts, of evolution, rebranding, redesign, pivots, successes, failures, experiments, meditations, sermons, and stories. And after five years, I think we’ve finally figured out what we’re doing here.

At the end of the day, I’m just a (kinda) regular working guy seeking – against all odds – a meaningful way to live this life. I’m seeking to pull back the multi-layered curtain of “reality” and see the magical cosmos behind it, to tap into that magic, to connect with the land and the universe and the divine. I want to explore it all, to test the waters, to tell stories, and to share – with you! – my thoughts and experiences.

This is intended to be a shared journey. Come along for as much or as little of it as you like. My thoughts and meditations and creative endeavors are available here (as well as on your favorite podcast app), as they always have been, for you to enjoy or take something from or throw rotten produce at. For those of you interested in a deeper or more personal level of involvement, we’re now offering several wild subscription-based options.

To find whatever you’re here to find, just keep scrolling. Below this panel, you’ll find a friendly index of our offerings, followed by our most recent posts. For further explanations and information regarding the nature and history of the Wizard of Monadnock project, just keep going.

Thanks for coming by – and don’t be shy!

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Since October 2016, the Wizard of Monadnock Radio Hour has taken a discussion on the meaning of life and how we should live it to the airwaves, featuring a wide range of guests including local artists, extraterrestrial meteorologists, renegade religious leaders, and brave pioneers at the cutting edge of the Second Psychedelic Renaissance. You’ll also hear a tremendous amount of wizard rants covering every topic you can imagine and even special documentary-format episodes. Shows drop once a month, although I’m always trying to double that. The link above will take you to the SoundCloud page, but you can subscribe via Apple Podcasts, Android – any podcast app you can think of. Except Spotify, for some reason (I gotta figure that out). Just search – there’s only one Wizard of Monadnock.

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Latest Posts

Finding Inner Peace Through Windows Updates

There’s more of a connection than you think. I always really resent the harassment that comes along with impending Windows updates. Obviously I’m not alone on this, but I can’t entirely understand it, either. I may not like it when my iPhone harasses me to update, but it doesn’t bother me nearly as much, doesn’t … Continue reading Finding Inner Peace Through Windows Updates

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We’ve been robbed.

We’ve been robbed. All of us. Robbed.

They’ve stolen our magic, our wonder, and our meaning – stolen them and hidden them away. They’ve seized (by force!) our time and our energy. They’ve robbed us of our rightful dignity and our rightful divinity. We don’t talk about it, we try not to think about it. But you know it and I know it. Everyone does. And on top of it all, it might be the end of the world.

Shouldn’t we, like, try to do something?

This is the home of an eccentric blog mostly about mysticism, meditation, and the sacredness of the seasons, and it’s also the home of a relentlessly entertaining podcast about psychedelics, the meaning of life, and the kingdom of god. You’ll find Grateful Dead debris scattered absolutely everywhere, alongside crudely presented pagan and Taoist themes, mythic tales of this world and the others, and weird sermons asking questions about how we might be able to live.

Yeah, we’re a little woo-ey (I claim I’m a wizard, for Christ’s sake, what kind of standard are you gonna hold me to?), but don’t get this project confused with Deepak Chopra’s Law of Attraction Secret or anything like that. We don’t engage in that sort of behavior here.

Above all of those things, this is a place where we always unapologetically advocate for the seizing back of what is rightfully ours. I don’t know how or why you ended up here – it may well be a happy accident – but listen: magic is real, the planet is sacred (as are we), the calendar is a guide for living, that god is a real thing (kinda), that life has purpose (even if we must create it), and neither reality nor time are remotely the way we think they are.

Monadnock Mountain in south-central New Hampshire is a bona fide sacred mountain, true holy ground, and I am its unlikely, inexperienced young journeyman wizard.

If the world is ending, we should try and stop it. If not, let’s at least make sure we show up properly dressed.

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One day, I decided to be a wizard

It’s hard to say exactly why.

I guess I didn’t have anything better to do. No joke – I had tried a lot of other things first, and they were definitely worse than becoming a wizard.

I didn’t skip any steps. I started off as a lowly apprentice, same as anybody else. My early work was amateurish, but it was sincere. I believed then – as I do now – that there’s so much we are missing in our “ordinary” lives, that the world is magic, that life is worth celebrating, that hope is real, and reality flexible.

I messed around and experimented. I tried to make up a weekly office holy day. I followed and examined the seasons. I studied the I Ching and dabbled in many forms of meditation. I tried my hand at myth-making.

Eventually, I wrote a couple of mediocre books (which I’ll still encourage you to read). The experiments and exploration continued. I discovered the religious side of the Grateful Dead and the wonders of Chaos Magic. I deepened my relationship with Monadnock Mountain and became a devotee of the sacraments of our time.

Not long ago (it seems like last week but it was really about a year ago), I realized I wasn’t an apprentice anymore. Relax though, I’m not a master or anything yet. I’ve got a ways to go. I’m actually a journeyman wizard now. That’s still a pretty humble position, but the difference between apprentice and journeyman is significant. Last October, for the first act of this new phase, I launched the Wizard of Monadnock Radio Hour podcast, a monthly exploration of the meaning of life and the universe conducted in several different formats. Concurrently, I added video composition to my repertoire – and we haven’t even scratched the surface of that yet.

So what’s next? I mean, not to be all coy about it, but you’re really just gonna have to stick around if you want to find out. It’s like the old hymn says, “All the things I planned to do, I only did halfway.” In the case of my early I Ching project, that’s literally what I did – I made it just past halfway through the hexagrams before I stopped (I’ll start again one day, I swear). But the point here is to say that if you plan to do a shit-ton, and you only end up doing half of it, you still probably did kind of a lot. It also means I have a pretty large backlog of unfinished projects and even unfulfilled promises in addition to the whole new level of vision, production, and content gained with journeyman status.

I’m trying to get better about making regular posts on this actual site again. I don’t wanna forget were I came from, you know? But the realities of being an unknown blog and podcast on a crowded internet being what they are, I reach an exponentially larger audience through Facebook posts and podcast apps than through web traffic, so it’s often easier to tend to those channels and leave the website sulking and half-neglected. That’s just the way it is! So if you want to be sure you’re always up on the latest and most from the Wizard, give us a like and preferential treatment on your Facebook feed. Search for Wizard of Monadnock on any podcast app (yes, including Apple, SoundCloud, whatever – any of them) and you’ll find it. There’s only one. And if you really want the real exclusive wizardry, you’re gonna have to bribe your way into the Patreon for that (it’s probably maybe worth it).

I mean it, though – my intent is truly to be on here as regularly as the other platforms. You’ll find me somewhere. Actually, no promises yet, but it’s entirely possible that in the near future you may even find me in real life. But only, of course, if that’s what our fates do hold.