I totally wasn’t done – there’s meteors and Jerry Garcia and PLANS

That's what happens when I get started. Few more things I wanted to go over that didn't make it into this morning's post. DON'T FORGET THE METEORS Everybody wants to talk about the upcoming eclipse. All eclipse all the time. Eclipse eclipse eclipse, yeah, yeah. Am I bitter and jealous because I didn't make special [...]


Notes for Episode 9 – “They Let Him Sing – Special May Day Edition”

They Let Oteil Sing If this doesn't give you goosebumps, you have no soul. I've listened to this like 17 times. We got a sponsor - go to toastershades.com immediately. Don't be plain. Don't be a bum. This summer, be the one with the one-of-a-kind shades. Enter promo code WIZARD at checkout for $5 off [...]

Notes for Episode 7 – “Holy Week” with Revolutionary Pastor Dave Capozzi

At long last! Here's our notes! As promised, as always, please head over and take a peek at the Patreon. Become a real blessed pilgrim and get prizes for your patronage! Yes, it's true - I'm running for Library Trustee of Peterborough. The campaign is only four weeks long, so I'm not setting up a [...]