10 or 11 pictures of Robert de Niro, with my random thoughts thrown in there

(3/30 10:18 PM: See below, post updated to correct erroneous information about local mammals.) A groundbreaking combination never before conceived...until now. I obviously haven't been posting much lately, and sometimes it's because I don't have any good ideas, or at least any good ideas that I want to bother actually turning into reality. (Sometimes it's [...]


Coyote Carlos’ Top Ten Things You Should Know About Family Life!

[Wizard's Note: Coyote Carlos may or may not be a dangerous miscreant intent on laughing as humanity drives itself collectively off a cliff. That said, he likes to talk, and we like a good talker. The following, according only to Coyote Carlos himself, is an exclusive public excerpt from his privately published 2015 Almanac. All [...]

Coyote Carlos’ Top Ten Things You Need to Know About the Workplace!

[Wizard's Note: The following is (supposedly) excerpted from the 2015 edition of Coyote Carlos' Almanac. These collected sayings are a mixture of Coyote Carlos originals and quotes he has picked up during his ceaseless roaming of innumerable forests, hills, deserts, cities, and towns. He considers himself a critic and instigator of humans, and can be [...]

Coyote Carlos’ Top 10 things you need to know about health!

The following is (allegedly) excerpted from the obscure and rare Coyote Carlos' Almanac, understood by none but universally recognized to be old. Surely there must be some value in that.  Coyote Carlos' 10 Things You Need To Know About Health: Health without rich and fulfilling enjoyment is the shiny aluminum frame on a car with [...]

The battle for NH9 could be the political story of the year

Way back in May 2013, long before the obsessive media speculation over the state senate race in New Hampshire's 9th district, WMUR powerhouse James Pindell asked the prescient question: "If Lee Nyquist announces he will run for state Senate again will that force Andy Sanborn to seek higher office?" Fate and destiny have since decided [...]

A rare glimpse inside the mind of an insane, sleep-deprived wizard

Last week, I worked 25.5 hours in a 32-hour period, leaving virtually zero time for sleep. Just before leaving work at midnight, technically Thursday morning, I decided the best way to stay awake on the ride home was to find a speech-to-text app and yell at my phone the whole way home. I was right. The [...]

Despite Controversy, President Obama Awards Medal of Freedom to Santa Claus

Maxwell Jacobson, Wizard Wire International (WWI) WASHINGTON, D.C. - Reiterating his administration's commitment to pervasive and widely criticized NSA intelligence gathering, along with the importance of the glimmering Christmas spirit within his own heart, President Barack Obama today presented the Medal of Freedom to Santa Claus and thirteen other political and cultural honorees both living and [...]