Meditation for Imbolc

Even as all things are now in motion,
As we confront before us a darkness, a chaos, a sorrow,
Rejoice and worship, for the divine spark is still everywhere!
Hold fast to the light from the spark, go into it,
And proceed forward – believe it or not, you’ll make it.

The beginnings of things are always filled with problems, why expect anything different?
But rejoice and worship – for Imbolc is here!

The Trickster prances somewhere out there now, his time almost come round again.
We can’t see him or hear him or smell him either,
But with the right kind of perspective and position, we can sense him – unmistakably.
As nonexistent pregnant pauses of material rushing pregnant river go by a cloud-shrouded half moon of Change,
The sensible among us grab hold to our seats: the whole world is about to be born again!

Flow with the waters and the winds,
Feel it as the sun starts to win – it was always going to, but now we feel it.
See yourself as a blade of grass in the ground, sprouting and longing to burst free into the air under open sky –
Only something’s in the way and we can’t go forward yet.
Not yet.
Almost, but not yet.
You see, just as it seems this winter holds the territory, still going strong, even as all of us race toward its demise,
We will break forth into the sunshine.

We will grow around the obstruction. We will make it.

We will breathe free air.

So rejoice and worship – Imbolc is here!


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