Meditation for Imbolc

Even as all things are now in motion, As we confront before us a darkness, a chaos, a sorrow, Rejoice and worship, for the divine spark is still everywhere! Hold fast to the light from the spark, go into it, And proceed forward – believe it or not, you’ll make it. The beginnings of thingsContinue reading “Meditation for Imbolc”

Notes for Episode 3: “On a Day Like Today…” with Johnathan McEachin and Derek Pelotte

For starters, I should apologize for the fact that I have been pronouncing Derek’s last name wrong for like two years, including throughout this show. It’s pronounced P-lot. But I guess it serves him right – for some reason, him and Johnathan kept calling me “Chris.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Okay, here’s our real notes: Scientific Satanism on FacebookContinue reading “Notes for Episode 3: “On a Day Like Today…” with Johnathan McEachin and Derek Pelotte”

This Week’s Mysticological Forecast

That app on your phone can tell you – honestly or as a lie – whether it’s gonna rain or not, but none of you (yet) have an app that examines forecasting models for upcoming spiritual weather fronts, that examines a hard-to-find astral-plane radar map for events, visitors, and obstacles to come. And frankly I’mContinue reading “This Week’s Mysticological Forecast”