Another Unity Tuesday, Another Grilled Cheese

It's good today.
It’s good today.

So maybe things have been a little bit hectic lately, to say the least. So it is with all times of great change, whether that change be confined to the succession of the seasons, or maybe it’s the turning over of a brand new age. The details change, but the forms stay the same. Remember that. Round and round, always turning and turning. It’s a circle, not a straight line.

There’s no sense in running from where we are. Indeed, why should we want to? The weather is getting warm, life returns to the countryside, the streams and rivers gush with fervor, the birdies fly and sing. The buds on the trees slowly grow. The sun is starting to actually mean something in terms of warmth, and it sticks around way longer. It no longer feels like the “day” is over when work is out. It’s as though we’ve gained more time. Perhaps we really have. So whatever obstacles that yet remain before us, whatever unpleasant circumstances we perceive to be “happening” to us today, remember that we’ve come a long way.

Best part is, the season of light and of life is only just beginning.

So whatever shape this Unity Tuesday is taking for you, why don’t you take a second, be quiet, and let your soul eat a magical spiritual grilled cheese. Just be quiet and be cool and think about the Big Things, the Big Wave you’re riding on. Then ride it into the shore.

You’ve made it this far, and you’ll make it to the end of the day. When you get there, let yourself stop. If you really want to be ambitious tonight, call an old friend.

Stare at the sky, thank our friend the sun, and say hello to the moon. Say hi to any birds you see while you’re at it. After all, that’s what Unity Tuesday is all about, isn’t it?

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