Unity Tuesday: Falling Stars, Rising Moon, Howling Coyote

Unity Tuesday Tree
Unity Tuesday Tree

Above, the stars streak as they fall,
Down here, the spring brings us tumult.
That’s a rushing of the water, a flooding of the banks,
A rustling wind of chaos, mastered only by the hawks.

We’re uncomfortable, we’re tired,
We’ve kind of had enough
And now things are starting to faster and glow brighter.
That’s the bursting forth of life.

On this day, perhaps we should pray,
Definitely we should go to our center.
But we can’t stay there, because that’s not enough.
Sink calmly inward, yes, but shine out and around as well.

On this day, you can swim in the oceans of chaos,
The waves won’t beat you down if you don’t let them.
The coyotes will howl as the moon grows to full,
And we’ll let the hawks preside over the proceedings.

Welcome, most welcome, to the fourth Unity Tuesday of April, and the last Unity Tuesday before the wallop of the full moon on Thursday. There’s a minor meteor shower going on right now, and the moon on Thursday is due for a minor eclipse.

There’s a lot going on, to say the least.

No sense flinching; it’s far too late for that. Just jump in. Let it ride. Be a part of it.

Like a tree.


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