Only You Can Moment

I know a place,
But can’t take you there.
I know the way,
But won’t tell you where.

It’s a clearing of sea grass,
On top of bald mountain,
By the deserted city lagoon,
In the empty concrete fountain.

It’s a secret ship on a secret river,
Shining spotlight in the night,
Near the criminal after curfew,
Running through space without fight.

It’s wind in the pine trees
When no one’s there to know,
A single ray of cloud-blocked sun,
Shining on City of Nowhere down below.

If you make it, I won’t be there,
Watching unknown raindrops fall.
If you make it, you won’t be there,
For there is not there at all.

If it can’t be real,
And will never be proved,
You’ve found the place you seek,
It’s merely your moment that can’t be moved.

I know a place,
That cannot be real.
Only been there one time–
That’s part of the deal.

I know a place,
Only you can moment and bond.
Once you get there, please do come prepared,
For the second you do, it then will be gone.

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