A Seductive Display of Vanity

Picture of one human under vast skies, Feet planted in the sand; To the human, the stance is firm, But we know better – Don’t we? With no intent toward subtracting a single atom from the worth of the one, Surely we must know and see those feet Planted in that surf-pounded sand, ‘neath thoseContinue reading “A Seductive Display of Vanity”

Good Times Round the Bend

Halfway through spring. Okay, so technically we’re a little more than halfway through spring. Just as I neglected to properly mark May Day in a timely fashion, I neglected to observe Beltaine altogether. Don’t worry (as if you were worried!), this isn’t altogether that serious. The spring has a way of making itself entirely impossibleContinue reading “Good Times Round the Bend”

Good Morning, Unity Tuesday: Be the Best Speck you can Be!

Unity Tuesday: if you’re reading it, you’re living it. Like it or not–but I promise you’ll have a better time if you just like it and go with it and be in it. It’s a good thing to be in. All things are. So let’s start the day with a little something to think about,Continue reading “Good Morning, Unity Tuesday: Be the Best Speck you can Be!”

Days of Opportunity

And so we arrive at 2013. Let us begin the New Year with a simple blessing: In the coming year, as you travel to and fro, may smiling alpacas be waiting to greet you at the end of all your journeys. To mark this important time of the year, celebrated by the planet itself onContinue reading “Days of Opportunity”