XIV. Unity all Week Long

Some weeks ago, as part of the Days of Change series, I had the pleasure of introducing and discussing Hexagram 8, which is awesome. Here, six hexagrams later, the great I Ching is revealing a situation of such great unity and harmony that it explicitly describes as being even better than the eighth. Instead ofContinue reading “XIV. Unity all Week Long”

Watch out for Simple Answers

So, what the hell? Let’s just let that sit there for a minute. What the hell? I try really hard, even on Christmas, to avoid ever being surprised. Days like yesterday serve as an unfortunate reminder of how hopeless a quest that really is. You never wake up in the morning – not here, anywayContinue reading “Watch out for Simple Answers”

VIII. JOIN THE UNION! (Days of Change)

  As a purportedly aloof and wise wizard and a dutiful five-year student of the I Ching, I am not supposed to play favorites. Then again, part of what makes me such a great New England renegade in the shadow of Monadnock is that I do things I’m not supposed to do all the time.Continue reading “VIII. JOIN THE UNION! (Days of Change)”


Unity Tuesday. Blessings to you all!  It is time to pause for early afternoon, the third of our five pauses.  By approaching the day as though it were already holy and sacred (which it is), I have opened myself up to something. I discover within a surging wellspring of energy and light, the kind ofContinue reading “There is a River (WEEKLY WAKE-UP CHALLENGE)”