Me and Trotsky walk into a Market Basket (Why I am a bad socialist)

I am a bad socialist. Well, I don’t necessarily think I’m bad, but I can see why other socialists would think so. In fact, they’re quite justified to think so. Perhaps nothing sheds more light on just how bad a socialist I am than my reaction to this summer’s worker uprising at Market Basket. ForContinue reading “Me and Trotsky walk into a Market Basket (Why I am a bad socialist)”

TUESDAY JUNKIE: Good News! (Yes, Really)

Yes, as though on cue or in the spirit of Solstice Week, I have some truly good news to share in today’s post. Not only is it good news, it’s good news regarding specific issues we’ve brought to your attention in these very posts. It’s like powerful people out there are listening to me! (Yeah,Continue reading “TUESDAY JUNKIE: Good News! (Yes, Really)”

INAUGURAL JUNKIE: Justice Breyer is Sick of this Shit

Naturally, I’m so late in finally getting to this that nearly all of the stories and topics I’m about to present are almost two weeks old. That doesn’t mean, however, that you’ve heard of them, and they’re not the kind of stories that have such a short shelf life that they’re no longer important orContinue reading “INAUGURAL JUNKIE: Justice Breyer is Sick of this Shit”

VIII. JOIN THE UNION! (Days of Change)

  As a purportedly aloof and wise wizard and a dutiful five-year student of the I Ching, I am not supposed to play favorites. Then again, part of what makes me such a great New England renegade in the shadow of Monadnock is that I do things I’m not supposed to do all the time.Continue reading “VIII. JOIN THE UNION! (Days of Change)”