2017: Reconciling a Deficit of Faith

Note: The following is a partial spiritual retrospective of the year 2017. I have a tendency to judge myself very harshly. Sometimes, it’s warranted. Most times, it serves as a motivating factor, spurring me onward, further, higher, better, and thus is a beneficial trait independent of whether it is warranted or not. Still, in theContinue reading “2017: Reconciling a Deficit of Faith”

Ode to This Time

It was the winter of the morning star, Especially the second half. When she hovered with terrifying grace for months off the edge of the crescent moon – and some of you know what that means. It was the winter of the coyote, appearing and vanishing at will – none of it random, all ofContinue reading “Ode to This Time”


Back to Basics I lack discipline. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. For me, this is true across the board, but the experience is particularly painful where it relates to the spiritual plane. As is true with love, a spiritual inclination without discipline and practice leaves you entirely at theContinue reading “WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW (?!?!)”

The Hipsters are Right: Time is a Vinyl Record

“You don’t think this world is any less real than the one you left, do you? Everything that ever happened to you is real, even your dreams. Them, most of all. There are many worlds, many cities, and all of them are just shock-waves spreading out from one single moment of clarity and understanding. Ripples.”Continue reading “The Hipsters are Right: Time is a Vinyl Record”

It’s like time, man – trying to make sense of what’s left

When you really start closely following the phases of the year, especially when relentlessly broken down into six-week segments, time really starts to speed up. It’s sort of the opposite of what you’d think – a watched pot never boils, and all that. You’d think constantly watching the progression of the natural seasons of lifeContinue reading “It’s like time, man – trying to make sense of what’s left”

Winter is Our Gestation, and We’re About to be Born

There’s only twelve weeks – one season – between each major holiday. On February 1, which is known as “Imbolc,” it seems like we just finished celebrating the winter solstice, Christmas, and New Year’s. I love celebrating as much as the next guy, but until we find ourselves in a society that permits more timeContinue reading “Winter is Our Gestation, and We’re About to be Born”

Memory Lane as Viewed From On High: Highlights from 2012 Solstice Coverage

Well, we’ve sure done our fair share of reflection in honor of the high holy week, and if you know our wizard, you know there will be more. Nevertheless, we’d best get to celebrating if we’re to have any balance whatsoever in our holiday experience. With that end in mind, I enthusiastically present some abridgedContinue reading “Memory Lane as Viewed From On High: Highlights from 2012 Solstice Coverage”

Set the Table: A Yuletide Meditation on Eternity and Time and How to Deal With It

Within the boundless confines of the Universe, with her astoundingly vast manifestations and incomprehensibly infinite potentialities, there can be found rooms that exist outside of what we commonly perceive to be time. In another recent post, I introduced a phenomenon I will call time-independent memory. This is when the brain perceives the nature of certain peopleContinue reading “Set the Table: A Yuletide Meditation on Eternity and Time and How to Deal With It”

The Beginning of the World

And no one called us to the land, And no one knows the wheres or whys, But something stirs and something tries, And starts to climb towards the light… December 21, 2012 ultimately turned into an extremely over-hyped phenomenon, so much so that I had to debate with myself a little bit as to whetherContinue reading “The Beginning of the World”