New Week, New Year, New Blessing

Happy new year, happy new moon, happy new week. As we approach the beginnings of things, Our days still short, nights still long, Weather still horrible for months to come, May we approach only after we take a deep breath, Only after we allow a moment of quiet, Only if we release the heaviness ofContinue reading “New Week, New Year, New Blessing”

Holidays Suck, and Why That’s a Good Thing

Welcome to Advent. The most important thing about a year goes entirely unspoken because it is so intrinsically obvious: humans didn’t make it. We do our math and choose cultural markers and use these tools to impose our calendars, but the year does not set the terms of our rotation about the benevolent sun. The year isContinue reading “Holidays Suck, and Why That’s a Good Thing”

IX. Little Birdy Whispering in Lion’s Ear (Days of Change)

The ninth hexagram is not one of triumph or even mild success, but one of intense frustration. It’s as though we can see exactly what we hope for, and see the potential for that hope to be realized, yet also see that the hope is not realized, may not be realized in the future, andContinue reading “IX. Little Birdy Whispering in Lion’s Ear (Days of Change)”

III. It Sucks to Grow, Growing is Great (Days of Change)

The first two hexagrams of the I Ching are each comprised of lines of only one type–six solid lines in the first hexagram, symbolizing yang and heaven and six broken lines in the second hexagram, symbolizing yin and earth. Here, in the third hexagram, we come to the first scenario that involves a combination ofContinue reading “III. It Sucks to Grow, Growing is Great (Days of Change)”

Faking a Smile and Getting Away With It

Let’s start off fresh and clean with a Monday morning blessing: May the weather of the cosmos, symbolized so dramatically by the meteors of the present Leonid shower, meet you well with gentle smiles this week. (Worst case scenario: you are so weirded out that you’re accidentally in a better mood already.) Indeed, if everContinue reading “Faking a Smile and Getting Away With It”