Ode to This Time

It was the winter of the morning star, Especially the second half. When she hovered with terrifying grace for months off the edge of the crescent moon – and some of you know what that means. It was the winter of the coyote, appearing and vanishing at will – none of it random, all ofContinue reading “Ode to This Time”

Real-Time Ruminations from the Tectonic Spring 2016

You didn’t think I was just gonna tell you jokes about the spectacular spiritual bombardment that is 2016, and then just wish you luck and bail, did you? Come onnnn, that’s not my style. There’s more behind everything. Contained below are three entries in what could be considered the Wizard Captain’s Log of the WizardContinue reading “Real-Time Ruminations from the Tectonic Spring 2016”

It’s spring already – act accordingly

The Earth is a great place to exist. It’d be a shame to have to leave it. Overhead, up in the stars, the video plays out And anyone with the software to open the file can view the tale: The Great Mother gave birth to her Son several weeks ago. These weeks, up and down,Continue reading “It’s spring already – act accordingly”

10 or 11 pictures of Robert de Niro, with my random thoughts thrown in there

(3/30 10:18 PM: See below, post updated to correct erroneous information about local mammals.) A groundbreaking combination never before conceived…until now. I obviously haven’t been posting much lately, and sometimes it’s because I don’t have any good ideas, or at least any good ideas that I want to bother actually turning into reality. (Sometimes it’sContinue reading “10 or 11 pictures of Robert de Niro, with my random thoughts thrown in there”

WARNING: Action and Excitement to Follow (Let’s Talk About Grass)

  You may have heard the expression, “It’s like watching grass grow,” meaning that something is very boring. Today, we’re going to up the ante a little and talk about the grass growing. And how exciting and action-packed it is. When people use the word mindfulness, it can usually be taken to loosely refer to aContinue reading “WARNING: Action and Excitement to Follow (Let’s Talk About Grass)”

Feel the Water Flowing Through You, Maaaaan – It’s Spring!

Monday again. It’s probably time to do something that you don’t want to do. You might spend most of the day ahead doing something you don’t want to do. I’m sorry. I’m probably right there in the same boat. But I guarantee you if you just take a minute to think about this, it’ll beContinue reading “Feel the Water Flowing Through You, Maaaaan – It’s Spring!”

Let the Games Begin

Here we are, at long last: the Spring Equinox. Winter is over. Let’s all take a big breath – in, out, whooo – in honor of that. Yeah, yeah, I know the equinox was yesterday. I’m late again. I swore I wasn’t going to blow off the equinox like I always do, yet here I am,Continue reading “Let the Games Begin”

Stoning Amos

“The one who made the Pleiades and Orion, and turns deep darkness into the morning, and darkens the day into night, who calls for the waters of the sea, and pours them out on the surface of the earth, the LORD is his name, who makes destruction flash out against the strong, so that destructionContinue reading “Stoning Amos”

Fly Along With the Winds of Unity: A Blessing

Go with the wind this Unity Tuesday, my friend, My sister, my brother, Be the wind, for it is great to be wind. The wind does not choose the places it travels, But instead goes every place, Good places and bad places, Places we like and places we would rather not be– Yet still itContinue reading “Fly Along With the Winds of Unity: A Blessing”

The Great Thing About Smoking

Even on a Unity Tuesday, it is just so easy to forget what is really going on. Let’s run through some aspects of the present reality:   This is the fifth Unity Tuesday in April, thereby making it a BONUS The full moon has passed us, but the new moon has not yet arrived WeContinue reading “The Great Thing About Smoking”