2016 is batshit, good luck

When an associate of mine - we can call him Brother Theodore - completed a shamanic journey earlier this spring, I barely waited a token polite interval to give his brain the chance to reconstruct itself before reaching out to talk to him about it. There wasn't anything unreasonable about this, really. The whole point … Continue reading 2016 is batshit, good luck

The world you imagine is fake is real

Good morning. Happy Monday. Here we are. After all, it's the only place to be, right? Here? Right now, anyway. Never forget that the world is a funny place. But it seems to me, from time to time, the question that doesn't get asked enough is "Where is here?" (Or, in the more popular Spanish … Continue reading The world you imagine is fake is real

It’s spring already – act accordingly

The Earth is a great place to exist. It'd be a shame to have to leave it. Overhead, up in the stars, the video plays out And anyone with the software to open the file can view the tale: The Great Mother gave birth to her Son several weeks ago. These weeks, up and down, … Continue reading It’s spring already – act accordingly

Meditation for a Decent Week

Alone by the banks of the half-frozen river Deep into the night Crouching down in the snow: Spirit of the slumbering winter forest - Slumbering, yes, but not dead. Never dead. Deep breath River flows cold, but there's a fire within - You can tell, can't you? Smile. Even winter gifts us with good weeks … Continue reading Meditation for a Decent Week

A Seductive Display of Vanity

Picture of one human under vast skies, Feet planted in the sand; To the human, the stance is firm, But we know better - Don't we? With no intent toward subtracting a single atom from the worth of the one, Surely we must know and see those feet Planted in that surf-pounded sand, 'neath those … Continue reading A Seductive Display of Vanity

Remember the Joke! (A Meditation)

Is it indeed so easy to blow away? To be absorbed at last by all there is? We make it seem so hard - or perhaps so undesirable. WE RESIST. Perhaps we need to believe it's hard; Were it to be too easy, we risk acknowledging our fragility. Cry, however, Cry with lifted shaken fist - … Continue reading Remember the Joke! (A Meditation)


Back to Basics I lack discipline. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. For me, this is true across the board, but the experience is particularly painful where it relates to the spiritual plane. As is true with love, a spiritual inclination without discipline and practice leaves you entirely at the … Continue reading WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW (?!?!)

A Bridge Between Here and Gone

For all who’ve gone yet still remain, For all that’s crumbled yet still stands, For everything that today stands walled off - - yet still freely accessible, For all that’s lost that we still yet possess, For all we’ve left behind yet still see before us - … … - Whatever may be out there … Continue reading A Bridge Between Here and Gone

The Hipsters are Right: Time is a Vinyl Record

“You don’t think this world is any less real than the one you left, do you? Everything that ever happened to you is real, even your dreams. Them, most of all. There are many worlds, many cities, and all of them are just shock-waves spreading out from one single moment of clarity and understanding. Ripples.” … Continue reading The Hipsters are Right: Time is a Vinyl Record