2017: Reconciling a Deficit of Faith

Note: The following is a partial spiritual retrospective of the year 2017. I have a tendency to judge myself very harshly. Sometimes, it’s warranted. Most times, it serves as a motivating factor, spurring me onward, further, higher, better, and thus is a beneficial trait independent of whether it is warranted or not. Still, in theContinue reading “2017: Reconciling a Deficit of Faith”

PATRONS’ MEDITATION PREVIEW: And a Place to Rest in Between

Just released over on Patreon: February’s Patrons-Only Exclusive Meditation, “And a Place to Rest in Between.” If you were a subscriber, you could head on over there and start your week on a truly awesome note (and if you are a subscriber already, I encourage you to do exactly that). Here’s just a glimpse, theContinue reading “PATRONS’ MEDITATION PREVIEW: And a Place to Rest in Between”

This Wizard is BACK, Son!

No more messing around. This entire endeavor is predicated on the notion that there is more to the experience of life as a conscious being than what we can see in front of our eyes and measure with the usual array of instruments. It is not a rational enterprise. How would I call myself aContinue reading “This Wizard is BACK, Son!”