Unity Tuesday: Falling Stars, Rising Moon, Howling Coyote

Above, the stars streak as they fall, Down here, the spring brings us tumult. That’s a rushing of the water, a flooding of the banks, A rustling wind of chaos, mastered only by the hawks. We’re uncomfortable, we’re tired, We’ve kind of had enough And now things are starting to faster and glow brighter. That’sContinue reading “Unity Tuesday: Falling Stars, Rising Moon, Howling Coyote”

Unity Tuesday Under the Sky – Goodbye!

Another Day Time has reached its end, By the grace of Whatever. Go in peace, I mean it, Go in peace. Take nothing of this place with you to the next place you go. Leave it behind. Walk outside, look up at the sky. It’s not that different from the dome of a planetarium, isContinue reading “Unity Tuesday Under the Sky – Goodbye!”