It’s spring already – act accordingly

The Earth is a great place to exist. It’d be a shame to have to leave it. Overhead, up in the stars, the video plays out And anyone with the software to open the file can view the tale: The Great Mother gave birth to her Son several weeks ago. These weeks, up and down,Continue reading “It’s spring already – act accordingly”

Happy equinox: Another season come round again at last

A few nights ago, in the midst of a boisterous crowd around a fire, a friend of mine kept stopping me midsentence: “Wait, wait, hold on, just a second,” he’d say, holding up his hands out palms forward, fingers to the sky. “Just hold on and look at all this. Look how perfect all this is.” HeContinue reading “Happy equinox: Another season come round again at last”

Let the Games Begin

Here we are, at long last: the Spring Equinox. Winter is over. Let’s all take a big breath – in, out, whooo – in honor of that. Yeah, yeah, I know the equinox was yesterday. I’m late again. I swore I wasn’t going to blow off the equinox like I always do, yet here I am,Continue reading “Let the Games Begin”

The Sun is a Hero – and so was Jesus

Let’s get this out of the way: like it or not, we are wholly defined by our relationship to the light of the world. It is accurate to state that the date of the birth of the Christ was (artificially) set in the wake of the winter solstice to coincide with both the Roman celebrationContinue reading “The Sun is a Hero – and so was Jesus”

To Seeds Planted Long Ago: A Simple Prayer

That we reap what we sow is neither good nor bad. It just is.  Let us accept that, Let us breathe that, Let it become part of us – and us of it. It is the time of the harvest. The pinnacle of this year has long since past, Even as we hurtle toward theContinue reading “To Seeds Planted Long Ago: A Simple Prayer”

The Great Thing About Smoking

Even on a Unity Tuesday, it is just so easy to forget what is really going on. Let’s run through some aspects of the present reality:   This is the fifth Unity Tuesday in April, thereby making it a BONUS The full moon has passed us, but the new moon has not yet arrived WeContinue reading “The Great Thing About Smoking”

Don’t let Spring Club you Over the Head

The Meaning of Imbolc Ever heard of the holiday “Imbolc”? Probably definitely not. For starters, it’s really boring. It’s almost certainly ill-timed, and it’s arguably unnecessary. Seriously, I think the even pagans, who ostensibly observe it, are bored to tears by it. Everybody knows about the “quarter days” of the solar calendar—the beginnings of winterContinue reading “Don’t let Spring Club you Over the Head”