Special Video Meditation: Monday Blues

This is a river. The proud and scrappy Contoocook, flowing north when all the others flow south. This river falls under the influence of Grand Monadnock itself. The river is high right now. The river rushes on. It just keeps going, right where it's supposed to.     Imagine if you could do that. Imagine … Continue reading Special Video Meditation: Monday Blues

Meditation for a Decent Week

Alone by the banks of the half-frozen river Deep into the night Crouching down in the snow: Spirit of the slumbering winter forest - Slumbering, yes, but not dead. Never dead. Deep breath River flows cold, but there's a fire within - You can tell, can't you? Smile. Even winter gifts us with good weeks … Continue reading Meditation for a Decent Week


Unity Tuesday. Blessings to you all!  It is time to pause for early afternoon, the third of our five pauses.  By approaching the day as though it were already holy and sacred (which it is), I have opened myself up to something. I discover within a surging wellspring of energy and light, the kind of … Continue reading There is a River (WEEKLY WAKE-UP CHALLENGE)