Careening Toward a Solstice

This is the season of the forest fairies and the drunken wood-elves, of light and gold and burning life. I cannot overstate how much I love the month of June. These past couple of months seem to have blasted by, an edgy jumble of harsh chaos accompanied by an undercurrent of confidence that all isContinue reading “Careening Toward a Solstice”

The Hipsters are Right: Time is a Vinyl Record

“You don’t think this world is any less real than the one you left, do you? Everything that ever happened to you is real, even your dreams. Them, most of all. There are many worlds, many cities, and all of them are just shock-waves spreading out from one single moment of clarity and understanding. Ripples.”Continue reading “The Hipsters are Right: Time is a Vinyl Record”

Walk Upon the Earth: A Brand New Meditation for Unity Tuesday

Today, in the slightly mischievous spirit of Unity Tuesday, let’s try a crazy exercise. We never do this kind of thing, especially not in the middle of the day. The thing is, it’s just so easy in the course of any given day (whether it’s Unity Tuesday or not) to fail to recognize the trueContinue reading “Walk Upon the Earth: A Brand New Meditation for Unity Tuesday”

Space Travelers of Earth: A Unity Tuesday Blessing

This morning, as our funny Mother Earth spins us again into the realm of sunlight, This morning, as a new day has come upon us here, This morning, may down low we stand tall, up above shine down bright, This morning, may we open our eyes and blaze alive without fear. Today, we go forthContinue reading “Space Travelers of Earth: A Unity Tuesday Blessing”

Time for Your Unity Tuesday Grilled Cheese!

Well, you’ve made it this far, anyway. Let’s stop for a second. The day is at its brightest. Let that be a reason to stop and pause. All day long, the sun as been up there and out there, blazing and burning and lighting and warming. And all day, you’ve been sitting there breathing. Chances are,Continue reading “Time for Your Unity Tuesday Grilled Cheese!”

Spirit as Tall as the Mountain, as Wide as the Sea

This morning, a return to the more personal and practical—if ever a wizard can be said to be focused on the truly “practical” for any length of time. Yet, indeed, even a wizard such as I may be drawn down to the lowly temporal by the petty circumstances and trivial victories and defeats of theContinue reading “Spirit as Tall as the Mountain, as Wide as the Sea”