2013: Clap, Everyone – it’s Over!

“I can’t help but think I won’t still be at this job at the end of the year – which probably means I will be fired, because I’m not gonna quit unless something really crazy happens. It will probably suck, and this probably isn’t gonna be the easiest year, but it’s probably necessary in termsContinue reading “2013: Clap, Everyone – it’s Over!”

2013: Year of Liberation? (A Cosmic Forecast for the New Year)

As our days of never-ending festival draw sadly to a close, it seems a good time to take a quick peek at the cosmic forecast and what the indicated outlook for the year might be. It seems, my friends, that it could be the year in which we taste true freedom, if only we areContinue reading “2013: Year of Liberation? (A Cosmic Forecast for the New Year)”