Remember the Joke! (A Meditation)

Is it indeed so easy to blow away? To be absorbed at last by all there is? We make it seem so hard – or perhaps so undesirable. WE RESIST. Perhaps we need to believe it’s hard; Were it to be too easy, we risk acknowledging our fragility. Cry, however, Cry with lifted shaken fist –Continue reading “Remember the Joke! (A Meditation)”

A Bridge Between Here and Gone

For all who’ve gone yet still remain, For all that’s crumbled yet still stands, For everything that today stands walled off – – yet still freely accessible, For all that’s lost that we still yet possess, For all we’ve left behind yet still see before us – … … – Whatever may be out thereContinue reading “A Bridge Between Here and Gone”

The auto-da-fé

It won’t stop snowing. This isn’t funny anymore. If it ever was. Not now. Not now that this may be the winter of our undoing. ‘Tis the season of bad moons and black moons, cold stars and colder sunlight. ‘Tis the season of ever winter and never Christmas. ‘Tis the season of the Inquisitor. AllContinue reading “The auto-da-fé”

A simple prayer of thanks

For all our loves and kinsfolk, living and even dead, for all the different things that comprise the measures we use in the accounting of this thing we call our life, we give thanks. For all new life, new people, new vigor that has come to us this year, we give our thanks. For allContinue reading “A simple prayer of thanks”

Autumn’s First Prayer

We’ve seen Vega overhead, Taking control of the night, even; We all know about Orion by now. Events a-swirling, so much upon us, So much yet to be done. It’s not so bad. But sometimes it seems like it is. Dare we gaze upward – Dare we speak upward – Dare we address that GreatContinue reading “Autumn’s First Prayer”

Let’s meditate on defiant determination

So much of what we experience is bound up with defeat – coping with it, admitting it, staving it off, fearing it, dreading it, etc. Consequently, much of our thoughts and contemplations are bound up in it as well. It’s natural and rational. It’s easy to feel defeated (or on the verge thereof) because weContinue reading “Let’s meditate on defiant determination”

If you really wanna be cool, be like this tree

Whenever you can (which, I concede, for the vast majority of us will mean “almost never”), try and greet each dawn the same way, for each dawn is the same. That is to say, each dawn is worth no more and no less than any other. It is only our perceptions of them – ourContinue reading “If you really wanna be cool, be like this tree”

How Many Smiling Alpacas Can we fit into One Simple Prayer? Click to find out!

  When the snow ceases at long last to fall – Though few remain long enough to ever know – The sky at long last clears of clouded shroud, The stars beyond at long last revealed once more, And it’s late as the moon rises, Formidable yet waning down over the new-fallen snow.   HowContinue reading “How Many Smiling Alpacas Can we fit into One Simple Prayer? Click to find out!”

Monday Prayer: That We Would Have Responsible Hope

May we find our positions strong, if only for a moment. May we catch a whiff in the air of liberation and deliverance only just beginning to emerge from the shadows, But may we take it for what it is and nothing more, May we not get carried away. May we ever seek justice, YetContinue reading “Monday Prayer: That We Would Have Responsible Hope”

Obstacles: Monday’s Prayer

  A simple prayer: As we begin this week, May we meet any obstacles encountered before us on our paths with both strength and humility. May we know when not to rush head-on into conflict; grant us the wisdom to know the proper time for pause, retreat, and preparation. Grant us, as well, the confidenceContinue reading “Obstacles: Monday’s Prayer”