Monday Evening News Hash – 11/5/12

First, we discovered that Mark Halperin is still dumb, and then we found that George Bush is still an asshole. It’s comforting sometimes to know that some things will always remain the same. Nasty rumors have been going around that Vladimir Putin sustained injuries in his heroic bird flight last month, but he is actually fine.Continue reading “Monday Evening News Hash – 11/5/12”

Monday Evening News Hash

There’s no use making excuses–this week you’re getting an evening news hash instead of a morning one, because sometimes hobbits are just lazy. I don’t apologize for it, either. It’s amazing how little happened during the day today, anyway. We’ll start by noting that George McGovern was awesome, and that he is now dead. WeContinue reading “Monday Evening News Hash”


Straight from Command Central in the Hobbit Hole, this is Joachim the News Hobbit, bringing you what you need to know. Events in America in the past seven days can be summarized as follows: America was hysterical and filled with anxiety about a variety of things. Instead of getting hysterical and anxious ourselves covering groundContinue reading “MONDAY MORNING NEWS HASH”