I am doing NaNoWriMo – AND I NEED YOUR HELP!

I need your peer pressure in order to make this happen. Your peer pressure – harsh and brutal if necessary – is my only hope. It’s November again, obviously, and as I kept getting nagging spam emails from the NaNoWriMo people, I slowly succumbed to the allure of Why not? You should know, this is maybeContinue reading “I am doing NaNoWriMo – AND I NEED YOUR HELP!”

FLASHBACK: The Old Forest

Originally published on October 8, 2012, The Old Forest was one of the first two or three posts ever to appear on this humble mash of a site. In fact, it was convenient for me to post at the time because it had already existed for some time. It’s a brief but worthwhile local legendContinue reading “FLASHBACK: The Old Forest”

The world you imagine is fake is real

Good morning. Happy Monday. Here we are. After all, it’s the only place to be, right? Here? Right now, anyway. Never forget that the world is a funny place. But it seems to me, from time to time, the question that doesn’t get asked enough is “Where is here?” (Or, in the more popular SpanishContinue reading “The world you imagine is fake is real”

Important announcement: I know nothing about New Hampshire politics

You know what I’m not in the mood for? Midterm elections. 2014 has caught me in a foul political temper, and my early 2004 self is very disappointed. He was the guy who loved every political twist and turn, relished the gamesmanship of the two party system, who went to Faneuil Hall from 11 pmContinue reading “Important announcement: I know nothing about New Hampshire politics”

Open Letter to NH State Senator Andy Sanborn

To State Senator Andy Sanborn: As a resident of Temple, I am writing today in hopes that you do, in fact, listen to your constituents in district 9, as you so vehemently claim. I should disclose that I am an unapologetic supporter of unconditional legalization of cannabis, but that is not what compelled me toContinue reading “Open Letter to NH State Senator Andy Sanborn”

The Unity Tuesday Shuffle Fade – Thank You and Good Night

  Tonight, as we fade Unity Tuesday once more into twilight, First Unity Tuesday of the new month, Last Unity Tuesday of the old moon, We are sad to see you go, For the moments in which we knew you to be sweet to us; Willingly, we watch you leave, For the moments we reallyContinue reading “The Unity Tuesday Shuffle Fade – Thank You and Good Night”

I Don’t Hate New Hampshire After All

Lest anyone be confused, this is actually an Easter post. Bonding with a Tree It’s during this time of the year in particular, early to mid-spring, I think back to my days as a kid in a quiet and rural town in north-central Massachusetts. I always liked to climb trees, scrambling much higher than my motherContinue reading “I Don’t Hate New Hampshire After All”