I’m Serious – It’s About 2013, and I Need Your Input

  A year ago, I decided get the best view I could, stand up tall, and try and forecast the content, character, and rhythm of the year that then lay before us. Not merely a prediction, the aim was also to incorporate helpful ways in which we might respond to our conditions to take advantageContinue reading “I’m Serious – It’s About 2013, and I Need Your Input”

It is Today and we are Here!

Salaam! To all, a happy Unity Tuesday, which has blissfully arrived yet again! Now, I’m not going to go toe-to-toe with Saturday or Sunday, and I’m not yet ready to compete with Friday (although we’ll get there), but of the remaining four days of the work week, who thinks we’ve made Tuesday the best ofContinue reading “It is Today and we are Here!”