Special Video Meditation: Monday Blues

This is a river. The proud and scrappy Contoocook, flowing north when all the others flow south. This river falls under the influence of Grand Monadnock itself. The river is high right now. The river rushes on. It just keeps going, right where it’s supposed to.     Imagine if you could do that. ImagineContinue reading “Special Video Meditation: Monday Blues”

The world you imagine is fake is real

Good morning. Happy Monday. Here we are. After all, it’s the only place to be, right? Here? Right now, anyway. Never forget that the world is a funny place. But it seems to me, from time to time, the question that doesn’t get asked enough is “Where is here?” (Or, in the more popular SpanishContinue reading “The world you imagine is fake is real”


Back to Basics I lack discipline. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. For me, this is true across the board, but the experience is particularly painful where it relates to the spiritual plane. As is true with love, a spiritual inclination without discipline and practice leaves you entirely at theContinue reading “WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW (?!?!)”

On a scale of 1 to 10, how alive are you?

Seriously. Think of all the moments you spend alive, all the things you do in the day-to-day, as existing within varying degrees of “living” and “dead.” There’s no shame in admitting that a lot of what we do has a certain level of “dead” attached to it. I’ll admit it right now, and I’m aContinue reading “On a scale of 1 to 10, how alive are you?”

WARNING: Action and Excitement to Follow (Let’s Talk About Grass)

  You may have heard the expression, “It’s like watching grass grow,” meaning that something is very boring. Today, we’re going to up the ante a little and talk about the grass growing. And how exciting and action-packed it is. When people use the word mindfulness, it can usually be taken to loosely refer to aContinue reading “WARNING: Action and Excitement to Follow (Let’s Talk About Grass)”

2014: Stories of Common Folk, Joyous Expectations

And so, as always, the cycle continues to turn. We arrive at long-awaited solstices and we celebrate, we experience magic, we are granted revelations, and then at long last the special holiday season departs. In some cases (especially if you did it right), you may be feeling yourselves relieved to return to more ordinary existence.Continue reading “2014: Stories of Common Folk, Joyous Expectations”

We Missed the Dawn!: A Unity Tuesday Blessing

The truth is that we missed the dawn today. Today’s dawn awakened before we did. These are the days when light reigns supreme, Prancing atop the heights and dancing down below, Perching and waiting and grinning for us, Sitting there already in front of us as we open our eyes. So it begins: Unity Tuesday.Continue reading “We Missed the Dawn!: A Unity Tuesday Blessing”

Walk Upon the Earth: A Brand New Meditation for Unity Tuesday

Today, in the slightly mischievous spirit of Unity Tuesday, let’s try a crazy exercise. We never do this kind of thing, especially not in the middle of the day. The thing is, it’s just so easy in the course of any given day (whether it’s Unity Tuesday or not) to fail to recognize the trueContinue reading “Walk Upon the Earth: A Brand New Meditation for Unity Tuesday”

Unity Tuesday Under the Sky – Goodbye!

Another Day Time has reached its end, By the grace of Whatever. Go in peace, I mean it, Go in peace. Take nothing of this place with you to the next place you go. Leave it behind. Walk outside, look up at the sky. It’s not that different from the dome of a planetarium, isContinue reading “Unity Tuesday Under the Sky – Goodbye!”

Don’t let Spring Club you Over the Head

The Meaning of Imbolc Ever heard of the holiday “Imbolc”? Probably definitely not. For starters, it’s really boring. It’s almost certainly ill-timed, and it’s arguably unnecessary. Seriously, I think the even pagans, who ostensibly observe it, are bored to tears by it. Everybody knows about the “quarter days” of the solar calendar—the beginnings of winterContinue reading “Don’t let Spring Club you Over the Head”