I totally wasn’t done – there’s meteors and Jerry Garcia and PLANS

That’s what happens when I get started. Few more things I wanted to go over that didn’t make it into this morning’s post. DON’T FORGET THE METEORS Everybody wants to talk about the upcoming eclipse. All eclipse all the time. Eclipse eclipse eclipse, yeah, yeah. Am I bitter and jealous because I didn’t make specialContinue reading “I totally wasn’t done – there’s meteors and Jerry Garcia and PLANS”

30. The Lesson of the Torch

Notice that, as with the previous hexagram, we again have a doubled trigram. Whereas in hexagram 29, we are seeing the repetition of water, here we see the complementary repetition of fire. Water falls from the sky and then flows all over the earth to bring life, but fire does the opposite, rising up from theContinue reading “30. The Lesson of the Torch”

Unity Tuesday: Falling Stars, Rising Moon, Howling Coyote

Above, the stars streak as they fall, Down here, the spring brings us tumult. That’s a rushing of the water, a flooding of the banks, A rustling wind of chaos, mastered only by the hawks. We’re uncomfortable, we’re tired, We’ve kind of had enough And now things are starting to faster and glow brighter. That’sContinue reading “Unity Tuesday: Falling Stars, Rising Moon, Howling Coyote”