Dance of the Unknown: Unity Tuesday Lemonade

This week, for your much needed mid-day break, we’re bringing you another funny meditation. This one’s a two-parter and, actually, neither part carries along with it very much explanation. Do you have five minutes? Ten? Are you really doing any work, anyway? Take a second and explore yourself and the wide weird cosmos. Because, again,Continue reading “Dance of the Unknown: Unity Tuesday Lemonade”

The Unity Tuesday Shuffle Fade – Thank You and Good Night

  Tonight, as we fade Unity Tuesday once more into twilight, First Unity Tuesday of the new month, Last Unity Tuesday of the old moon, We are sad to see you go, For the moments in which we knew you to be sweet to us; Willingly, we watch you leave, For the moments we reallyContinue reading “The Unity Tuesday Shuffle Fade – Thank You and Good Night”

Walk Upon the Earth: A Brand New Meditation for Unity Tuesday

Today, in the slightly mischievous spirit of Unity Tuesday, let’s try a crazy exercise. We never do this kind of thing, especially not in the middle of the day. The thing is, it’s just so easy in the course of any given day (whether it’s Unity Tuesday or not) to fail to recognize the trueContinue reading “Walk Upon the Earth: A Brand New Meditation for Unity Tuesday”

Thank You and Good Night, Unity Tuesday

As the holy light outside, Though powerful with this waxing, bursting season, Fades down to twilight and evening and night, As our funny Mother Earth turns us yet again back into the gray, We say thanks as we bid the day farewell. Someday, we shall die. Today, however, we lived. Once more, for another one,Continue reading “Thank You and Good Night, Unity Tuesday”

Soft and Light into the Day: A Unity Tuesday Blessing

  May we spring, soft of heart and light of step into the day, The night is gone and we are awake; Let us be glad to be awake. It is good to be awake! The full moon, too, has come and gone, All tensions and notions associated with it Will wane with it – Continue reading “Soft and Light into the Day: A Unity Tuesday Blessing”

Another Unity Tuesday, Another Grilled Cheese

So maybe things have been a little bit hectic lately, to say the least. So it is with all times of great change, whether that change be confined to the succession of the seasons, or maybe it’s the turning over of a brand new age. The details change, but the forms stay the same. RememberContinue reading “Another Unity Tuesday, Another Grilled Cheese”

Good Morning, Unity Tuesday: Be the Best Speck you can Be!

Unity Tuesday: if you’re reading it, you’re living it. Like it or not–but I promise you’ll have a better time if you just like it and go with it and be in it. It’s a good thing to be in. All things are. So let’s start the day with a little something to think about,Continue reading “Good Morning, Unity Tuesday: Be the Best Speck you can Be!”

It is Today and we are Here!

Salaam! To all, a happy Unity Tuesday, which has blissfully arrived yet again! Now, I’m not going to go toe-to-toe with Saturday or Sunday, and I’m not yet ready to compete with Friday (although we’ll get there), but of the remaining four days of the work week, who thinks we’ve made Tuesday the best ofContinue reading “It is Today and we are Here!”