May the Path be Visible and Straight: A Unity Tuesday Blessing

  This Unity Tuesday: May you know your starting place this morning, As your feet are set into motion down the path. May your path itself be well-lit and visible, May it be straight as an arrow, From the new light of this morning's dawn, To the blessed darkening of tonight's dusk. As you travel, … Continue reading May the Path be Visible and Straight: A Unity Tuesday Blessing

Fly Along With the Winds of Unity: A Blessing

Go with the wind this Unity Tuesday, my friend, My sister, my brother, Be the wind, for it is great to be wind. The wind does not choose the places it travels, But instead goes every place, Good places and bad places, Places we like and places we would rather not be-- Yet still it … Continue reading Fly Along With the Winds of Unity: A Blessing

Celebrate the Fresh Green

What a special Saturday morning tomorrow will be. Go outside and take a deep breath of what hits you. Buds bursting everywhere, temperatures sparking upward, the fresh young sun just beginning to bake that dank post-winter earth. It's a special day, it's a special time of year, and it's time to celebrate. Life is coming … Continue reading Celebrate the Fresh Green

XIII. The Great Love Story

The thirteenth hexagram, in its fifth line, presents to us an entirely classic love story. Two ordinary people become lovers, wildly, passionately, ecstatically in love with one another, each finding perfect harmonic resonance in the other. It's the kind of thing we all root for, no matter how hard-hearted or cynical we may be. But the … Continue reading XIII. The Great Love Story

I Don’t Hate New Hampshire After All

Lest anyone be confused, this is actually an Easter post. Bonding with a Tree It's during this time of the year in particular, early to mid-spring, I think back to my days as a kid in a quiet and rural town in north-central Massachusetts. I always liked to climb trees, scrambling much higher than my mother … Continue reading I Don’t Hate New Hampshire After All

II. The Real World, Planet Earth (Days of Change)

  The second hexagram we encounter paints a vastly different picture—and, as you can see, is comprised entirely of dark and broken lines. While it is tempting to view the second hexagram as the opposite of the first, it is important rather to understand it to be its complement, fitting together like the two equal … Continue reading II. The Real World, Planet Earth (Days of Change)

Days of Opportunity

And so we arrive at 2013. Let us begin the New Year with a simple blessing: In the coming year, as you travel to and fro, may smiling alpacas be waiting to greet you at the end of all your journeys. To mark this important time of the year, celebrated by the planet itself on … Continue reading Days of Opportunity