Somewhere so High Above This Wall: A Secular Christian Sermon

One of the interesting things about being thirty is that you’re still pretty young – the olds will tell you this in no uncertain terms, if it seems hard to believe yourself – yet you’ve managed to collect enough years that you can start making some larger observations. Not necessarily clearer ones or more definitiveContinue reading “Somewhere so High Above This Wall: A Secular Christian Sermon”

A Secular Love-Hate Relationship with Lent

Yeah, as the picture above shows, it’s Lent again. If you didn’t see anyone joyfully walking around yesterday bearing ash smudges on their foreheads, all you had to do was check out Twitter or Instagram to find tens of thousands of #ashtags and other variously tagged Ash Wednesday selfies. It was a little weird, IContinue reading “A Secular Love-Hate Relationship with Lent”