Unity Tuesday Lemonade: Why Unite?

So, really big day today. Not only are we looking at the last Unity Tuesday of the month of May, we’re looking at the first Unity Tuesday since Memorial Day, A.K.A. “the unofficial start of summer.” Accordingly, I decided today might be a good day to offer up a refreshing pitcher of sour-sweet lemonade insteadContinue reading “Unity Tuesday Lemonade: Why Unite?”

Soft and Light into the Day: A Unity Tuesday Blessing

  May we spring, soft of heart and light of step into the day, The night is gone and we are awake; Let us be glad to be awake. It is good to be awake! The full moon, too, has come and gone, All tensions and notions associated with it Will wane with it – Continue reading “Soft and Light into the Day: A Unity Tuesday Blessing”

May the Path be Visible and Straight: A Unity Tuesday Blessing

  This Unity Tuesday: May you know your starting place this morning, As your feet are set into motion down the path. May your path itself be well-lit and visible, May it be straight as an arrow, From the new light of this morning’s dawn, To the blessed darkening of tonight’s dusk. As you travel,Continue reading “May the Path be Visible and Straight: A Unity Tuesday Blessing”