How Many Smiling Alpacas Can we fit into One Simple Prayer? Click to find out!

  When the snow ceases at long last to fall – Though few remain long enough to ever know – The sky at long last clears of clouded shroud, The stars beyond at long last revealed once more, And it’s late as the moon rises, Formidable yet waning down over the new-fallen snow.   HowContinue reading “How Many Smiling Alpacas Can we fit into One Simple Prayer? Click to find out!”

But they keep on Dancing

“Keep on dancing until the daylight, Breathe the morning air in song. No one’s noticed but the band’s all packed and gone; Was it ever here at all? But they keep on dancin’…” –John Perry Barlow Salaam! Peace be upon you. I hope that your Days of Midsummer were glorious, eventful, joyful, and filled withContinue reading “But they keep on Dancing”

Good Times Round the Bend

Halfway through spring. Okay, so technically we’re a little more than halfway through spring. Just as I neglected to properly mark May Day in a timely fashion, I neglected to observe Beltaine altogether. Don’t worry (as if you were worried!), this isn’t altogether that serious. The spring has a way of making itself entirely impossibleContinue reading “Good Times Round the Bend”

Time for Your Unity Tuesday Grilled Cheese!

Well, you’ve made it this far, anyway. Let’s stop for a second. The day is at its brightest. Let that be a reason to stop and pause. All day long, the sun as been up there and out there, blazing and burning and lighting and warming. And all day, you’ve been sitting there breathing. Chances are,Continue reading “Time for Your Unity Tuesday Grilled Cheese!”