TUESDAY JUNKIE: Good News! (Yes, Really)

Yes, as though on cue or in the spirit of Solstice Week, I have some truly good news to share in today’s post. Not only is it good news, it’s good news regarding specific issues we’ve brought to your attention in these very posts. It’s like powerful people out there are listening to me! (Yeah,Continue reading “TUESDAY JUNKIE: Good News! (Yes, Really)”

Tuesday Junkie: Netanyahu is a Huge Prick with no Redeeming Qualities

  First of all, the sound of his voice doesn’t match up with the way he looks, and it’s disconcerting to watch him talk. Even without the mismatch, he talks like the sort of person who is going to murder you. In any event, while my insult isn’t truly based in these superficial judgments, neitherContinue reading “Tuesday Junkie: Netanyahu is a Huge Prick with no Redeeming Qualities”