XVII: The Good Shepherd

The greatest among you will be your servant. Matthew 23:11 (NRSV) In employing the metaphor of a shepherd, I run the risk of implying that people are nothing more than useless sheep in need of a saving guide carrying a staff or at least awesome facial hair. This is not my intention. This hexagram is … Continue reading XVII: The Good Shepherd

XVI. The Dancing Politician

So now that we've gone through fifteen of these and might be starting to think we've gotten a feel for what these hexagrams are like and what they're all about, the ancient I Ching proves itself to possess an advanced sense of humor with the sixteenth. In it, we encounter something of a different character … Continue reading XVI. The Dancing Politician

XV. The Meaning of the Modest Mountain

For many reasons, the fifteenth hexagram is a crucial one, not least of all the fact that we are given the image of the mountain on the earth and told its true meaning and significance. To us (not least of all to a wizard "belonging" to a mountain), mountains are a bridge to the heavens. … Continue reading XV. The Meaning of the Modest Mountain

XIV. Unity all Week Long

Some weeks ago, as part of the Days of Change series, I had the pleasure of introducing and discussing Hexagram 8, which is awesome. Here, six hexagrams later, the great I Ching is revealing a situation of such great unity and harmony that it explicitly describes as being even better than the eighth. Instead of … Continue reading XIV. Unity all Week Long

XIII. The Great Love Story

The thirteenth hexagram, in its fifth line, presents to us an entirely classic love story. Two ordinary people become lovers, wildly, passionately, ecstatically in love with one another, each finding perfect harmonic resonance in the other. It's the kind of thing we all root for, no matter how hard-hearted or cynical we may be. But the … Continue reading XIII. The Great Love Story

XII. When Earth Feels Like Mars

If you read the previous post in the Days of Change series, you may remember that I very much appreciate the 11th hexagram. This, the 12th, is its opposite. I don't like it. I try not to be like that, but this just generally represents something I don't usually want to talk about. When I … Continue reading XII. When Earth Feels Like Mars

XI. Heaven on Earth – the New Old-Fashioned Zion

It is important to remember that studying the I Ching is not about picking favorites or which hexagram is the best and which hexagram sucks. But I have always been consistent in my willingness to break my own rules, and, as I did with the wonderful eighth hexagram, I will state openly that the eleventh … Continue reading XI. Heaven on Earth – the New Old-Fashioned Zion

X. Is There a Right way to Behave?

Regardless of who you are or your particular personal stripes, you probably find the question above slightly tricky. I know I do. I find the notion complex because on the one hand, I don't really feel like telling anyone what to do or how to be. On the other hand, I spend a good chunk … Continue reading X. Is There a Right way to Behave?

IX. Little Birdy Whispering in Lion’s Ear (Days of Change)

The ninth hexagram is not one of triumph or even mild success, but one of intense frustration. It’s as though we can see exactly what we hope for, and see the potential for that hope to be realized, yet also see that the hope is not realized, may not be realized in the future, and … Continue reading IX. Little Birdy Whispering in Lion’s Ear (Days of Change)

VIII. JOIN THE UNION! (Days of Change)

  As a purportedly aloof and wise wizard and a dutiful five-year student of the I Ching, I am not supposed to play favorites. Then again, part of what makes me such a great New England renegade in the shadow of Monadnock is that I do things I’m not supposed to do all the time. … Continue reading VIII. JOIN THE UNION! (Days of Change)