How I Found Hope at the Circus

“…then maybe there’s actually hope for the world,” I said to my wife. “And how often do you ever hear me say something like that?” “Less often than a blue moon,” she replied. She was being charitable. It’s not that I’m a dour person (though it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been so accused). IContinue reading “How I Found Hope at the Circus”

The auto-da-fé

It won’t stop snowing. This isn’t funny anymore. If it ever was. Not now. Not now that this may be the winter of our undoing. ‘Tis the season of bad moons and black moons, cold stars and colder sunlight. ‘Tis the season of ever winter and never Christmas. ‘Tis the season of the Inquisitor. AllContinue reading “The auto-da-fé”

Autumn’s First Prayer

We’ve seen Vega overhead, Taking control of the night, even; We all know about Orion by now. Events a-swirling, so much upon us, So much yet to be done. It’s not so bad. But sometimes it seems like it is. Dare we gaze upward – Dare we speak upward – Dare we address that GreatContinue reading “Autumn’s First Prayer”

The World is (Probably) Not Ending Today

  The world is (probably) not going to end today. After all, by the time you read this, there are places in Asia that are almost done with today, almost done and the End hasn’t come. We (probably) don’t have to worry about it, then. Not for today, anyway. Not for a little while. ThatContinue reading “The World is (Probably) Not Ending Today”

Monday Prayer: That We Would Have Responsible Hope

May we find our positions strong, if only for a moment. May we catch a whiff in the air of liberation and deliverance only just beginning to emerge from the shadows, But may we take it for what it is and nothing more, May we not get carried away. May we ever seek justice, YetContinue reading “Monday Prayer: That We Would Have Responsible Hope”

2013: Just a Box of Rain?

“We all got up to dance, Oh, but we never got the chance, For as the players tried to take the field, The marching band refused to yield. […] And in the streets, the children screamed, The lovers cried, and the poets dreamed, But not a word was spoken; The church bells all were broken.”Continue reading “2013: Just a Box of Rain?”