Take heart! The wheel turns on!

This is your official Imbolc post for 2017, right on schedule, just over 9 days late. I often say to my wife, when making excuses for being behind on things or being confused as to how it is already the date that it is – both of which are nearly daily occurrences, as you mightContinue reading “Take heart! The wheel turns on!”

Michael Brown was murdered, and we’re all screwed: A Sermon of sorts for Lammas

Probably it was Chicago – that brain-raping week in August of ’68. I went to the Democratic Convention as a journalist, and returned a raving beast. For me, that week in Chicago was far worse than the worst bad acid trip I’d even heard rumors about. It permanently altered my brain chemistry, and my firstContinue reading “Michael Brown was murdered, and we’re all screwed: A Sermon of sorts for Lammas”

Midsummer’s midpoint: looking back, looking ahead

Once again, another big solstice holiday winds down. The whole thing is very predictable – and it should be. This is, after all, a cyclical game we’re playing. The holiday approaches, I get anxious because I feel unprepared, I complain because it feels disruptive, I attempt to embrace the disruption as a necessary function of theContinue reading “Midsummer’s midpoint: looking back, looking ahead”

Solstice Sermon: Don’t show up early to be dead

The summer solstice should be a time to cast away stones – and why that’s a good thing. The seeds that were silent all burst into bloom and decay, The night comes so quiet, it’s close on the heels of the day. -Robert Hunter, “Eyes of the World” The Tao Te Ching reminds us ofContinue reading “Solstice Sermon: Don’t show up early to be dead”

Meditation: A solstice begs the question

Rhetorical confusion and half-baked rumination is easily dismissed but often the only way to depict certain aspects of our existence as they really are. The significance behind the solstice, to us, can well be said to be one of those aspects. May the light, the warmth, the clarity of the sun’s most flawless annual blastContinue reading “Meditation: A solstice begs the question”

No moderation for the wizard

The superficial nature and general ineffectiveness of the omnipresent New Years’ Resolutions thing should be taken as a given. Obviously, such vows, almost always health-related, as though there were nothing more to think about than muscle tone and caloric intake, are often taken in a mixture of bad faith and blind optimism and the desireContinue reading “No moderation for the wizard”

You’ve done this before (and you’ll do it again)

All right, I admit it: I’m being a bad wizard again. I’m driving down the road, making good time, cranking the Dead, sun streaming down, then all of a sudden, I see the sign.   One lane road ahead. Goddamn it. The workers ahead are probably doing some of the most useful and inarguably necessaryContinue reading “You’ve done this before (and you’ll do it again)”

Papa’s Pile: A Children’s Story

To celebrate the wonders of the season, I’ve taken this opportunity to clean up my act, sweeten my disposition, and write a Christmas-solstice-New-Year story for children. It’s a good story, though maybe not a practical one for children. It’s too long for a kid under six or seven, at any rate (though as that correspondsContinue reading “Papa’s Pile: A Children’s Story”

Blessing for Monday Morning: Let’s Make it Good

As we start our week, a blessing: Here, this morning, in the midst of All There Is, Here, we pause to ponder. This week, we shall give our thanks –  And may we do so with sincerity and the force of the fullness of our hearts. Not only do we owe it, but we needContinue reading “Blessing for Monday Morning: Let’s Make it Good”

The Bells of the Heavens Toll: It’s Midsummer

Did you see the waxing gibbous moon last night? It shone so bright it may as well have been full. That should give you some idea of what we’re in for. I don’t know how else to tell you, but this weekend is actually magical, and it starts today at noon. No, it doesn’t, youContinue reading “The Bells of the Heavens Toll: It’s Midsummer”