Which way to the Banquet? Midsummer’s Day Six

Way back in December, I posted this crazy rambling rant exploring ways to cope with eternity even though our brains can never quite grasp it and even though random effects of eternity sometimes intrude into our daily lives and thoughts and dreams. Even as solstices themselves are made to look arbitrary in the face of theContinue reading “Which way to the Banquet? Midsummer’s Day Six”

XI. Heaven on Earth – the New Old-Fashioned Zion

It is important to remember that studying the I Ching is not about picking favorites or which hexagram is the best and which hexagram sucks. But I have always been consistent in my willingness to break my own rules, and, as I did with the wonderful eighth hexagram, I will state openly that the eleventhContinue reading “XI. Heaven on Earth – the New Old-Fashioned Zion”