Coyote Carlos’ Top 10 things you need to know about health!

The following is (allegedly) excerpted from the obscure and rare Coyote Carlos’ Almanac, understood by none but universally recognized to be old. Surely there must be some value in that.  Coyote Carlos’ 10 Things You Need To Know About Health: Health without rich and fulfilling enjoyment is the shiny aluminum frame on a car withContinue reading “Coyote Carlos’ Top 10 things you need to know about health!”

Holidays Suck, and Why That’s a Good Thing

Welcome to Advent. The most important thing about a year goes entirely unspoken because it is so intrinsically obvious: humans didn’t make it. We do our math and choose cultural markers and use these tools to impose our calendars, but the year does not set the terms of our rotation about the benevolent sun. The year isContinue reading “Holidays Suck, and Why That’s a Good Thing”

II. The Real World, Planet Earth (Days of Change)

  The second hexagram we encounter paints a vastly different picture—and, as you can see, is comprised entirely of dark and broken lines. While it is tempting to view the second hexagram as the opposite of the first, it is important rather to understand it to be its complement, fitting together like the two equalContinue reading “II. The Real World, Planet Earth (Days of Change)”

Days of Opportunity

And so we arrive at 2013. Let us begin the New Year with a simple blessing: In the coming year, as you travel to and fro, may smiling alpacas be waiting to greet you at the end of all your journeys. To mark this important time of the year, celebrated by the planet itself onContinue reading “Days of Opportunity”