The Unity Tuesday Shuffle Fade – Thank You and Good Night

  Tonight, as we fade Unity Tuesday once more into twilight, First Unity Tuesday of the new month, Last Unity Tuesday of the old moon, We are sad to see you go, For the moments in which we knew you to be sweet to us; Willingly, we watch you leave, For the moments we reallyContinue reading “The Unity Tuesday Shuffle Fade – Thank You and Good Night”

Thank You and Good Night, Unity Tuesday

As the holy light outside, Though powerful with this waxing, bursting season, Fades down to twilight and evening and night, As our funny Mother Earth turns us yet again back into the gray, We say thanks as we bid the day farewell. Someday, we shall die. Today, however, we lived. Once more, for another one,Continue reading “Thank You and Good Night, Unity Tuesday”

Soft and Light into the Day: A Unity Tuesday Blessing

  May we spring, soft of heart and light of step into the day, The night is gone and we are awake; Let us be glad to be awake. It is good to be awake! The full moon, too, has come and gone, All tensions and notions associated with it Will wane with it – Continue reading “Soft and Light into the Day: A Unity Tuesday Blessing”

Fly Along With the Winds of Unity: A Blessing

Go with the wind this Unity Tuesday, my friend, My sister, my brother, Be the wind, for it is great to be wind. The wind does not choose the places it travels, But instead goes every place, Good places and bad places, Places we like and places we would rather not be– Yet still itContinue reading “Fly Along With the Winds of Unity: A Blessing”