HARVEST TIME: What Have I Grown?

Harvest time, yet again. In terms of the year’s cycle, we may as well call it The Moment of Truth. Some might go so far as to say “Judgment Day,” but let’s not let our sense of drama completely get away from us. In any case, it’s kind of a BFD – now we see theContinue reading “HARVEST TIME: What Have I Grown?”

The Seeds are a Damn Metaphor – It’s All a Damn Metaphor

“What did you do in your past life?” When I first started at my previous job, in early 2005, that was the question people asked you, and that was the way they asked it. I liked it because it was weird. It was one of the many quirky things about this new safari I wasContinue reading “The Seeds are a Damn Metaphor – It’s All a Damn Metaphor”

On Seeds Planted Long Ago: A Wizardy Harvest Message

Well, once again, a major marker in the Wheel of the Year has come and gone with no commentary by a Wizard clearly derelict in his most simple and basic duties. After all, they’re only 4 (or 8, depending on how we want to count) times per year – how hard can that be? What canContinue reading “On Seeds Planted Long Ago: A Wizardy Harvest Message”