Vacation is Dead (Long Live Vacation!)

Like Merlin returning from Bermuda in the animated Sword in the Stone, I’m BACK, fresh off a glorious week spent smack on the elbow of Cape Cod. I’d probably be dead or lobotomized were it not for vacations like this one. And look, this isn’t an advice column – I’m not here to tell youContinue reading “Vacation is Dead (Long Live Vacation!)”

A simple curse of damnation

[Wizard’s Editorial Note: Now, it wouldn’t be very much like me – nor would it be very much like this blog – to devolve into a death-spiral of the power of positive thinking. Thanksgiving is important – and should dominate this period of time, but if we leave unsaid gratitude’s opposite – those things weContinue reading “A simple curse of damnation”

A simple prayer of thanks

For all our loves and kinsfolk, living and even dead, for all the different things that comprise the measures we use in the accounting of this thing we call our life, we give thanks. For all new life, new people, new vigor that has come to us this year, we give our thanks. For allContinue reading “A simple prayer of thanks”

Intro to giving thanks – some basic guidelines

I have a cold and cynical side, and I have a depressed and defeated side. Often, as is true of late, I experience both in tandem. Gratitude and thanksgiving are very important things to which one must give oneself over, and I suppose you could say the season for such things comes at a veryContinue reading “Intro to giving thanks – some basic guidelines”

The Unity Tuesday Shuffle Fade – Thank You and Good Night

  Tonight, as we fade Unity Tuesday once more into twilight, First Unity Tuesday of the new month, Last Unity Tuesday of the old moon, We are sad to see you go, For the moments in which we knew you to be sweet to us; Willingly, we watch you leave, For the moments we reallyContinue reading “The Unity Tuesday Shuffle Fade – Thank You and Good Night”

Thank You and Good Night, Unity Tuesday

As the holy light outside, Though powerful with this waxing, bursting season, Fades down to twilight and evening and night, As our funny Mother Earth turns us yet again back into the gray, We say thanks as we bid the day farewell. Someday, we shall die. Today, however, we lived. Once more, for another one,Continue reading “Thank You and Good Night, Unity Tuesday”

Good Morning, Unity Tuesday: Be the Best Speck you can Be!

Unity Tuesday: if you’re reading it, you’re living it. Like it or not–but I promise you’ll have a better time if you just like it and go with it and be in it. It’s a good thing to be in. All things are. So let’s start the day with a little something to think about,Continue reading “Good Morning, Unity Tuesday: Be the Best Speck you can Be!”

Days of Mid-Autumn Part II: Recognition and Gratitude: The Tree of the Ancients

Last Thursday and Friday, in Mexico and elsewhere, the Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) was celebrated with all the usual fanfare. It is a national holiday there, and everything is closed. The basic premise of the holiday, time set aside to honor those who are dead, is a very simple and ancientContinue reading “Days of Mid-Autumn Part II: Recognition and Gratitude: The Tree of the Ancients”