The Panthers Have Not Been Real: Dispatches from Autumn

With only a few remaining days before Advent begins and a whole lot to talk about, I’ve scribbled some off-the-cuff dispatches from the autumn below. * I’ve seen a lot of deer and also several black panthers. The deer have been real, the panthers have not. * I remember this one moment one morning inContinue reading “The Panthers Have Not Been Real: Dispatches from Autumn”

There Were Days Between

There were days, there were days, There were days between. Summer flies and August dies, And the world grows dark and mean. Comes a shimmer of the moon On dark, infested trees; Singing man is at his song, The holy on their knees, The reckless are out wrecking, The timid plead their pleas. No oneContinue reading “There Were Days Between”

How’ve you been?

“You really are the Wizard of Monadnock!” A friend of mine said that to me last week. Obviously, if I didn’t think so, this whole blog and podcast – now nearing five years old – would be a strange project indeed, but it’s still weird to hear it from someone else. I felt honored and humbled.Continue reading “How’ve you been?”

Notes for Episode 9 – “They Let Him Sing – Special May Day Edition”

They Let Oteil Sing If this doesn’t give you goosebumps, you have no soul. I’ve listened to this like 17 times. We got a sponsor – go to immediately. Don’t be plain. Don’t be a bum. This summer, be the one with the one-of-a-kind shades. Enter promo code WIZARD at checkout for $5 offContinue reading “Notes for Episode 9 – “They Let Him Sing – Special May Day Edition””

EPISODE NOTES – Episode 2: What a Time to Be Alive

The following represents supplementary notes and links associated with topics and sources referenced during the course of the Wizard of Monadnock Radio Hour’s second episode, released last week. If you haven’t heard the episode yet – I mean, why the hell not? – check out one of the links below, and be sure to subscribe soContinue reading “EPISODE NOTES – Episode 2: What a Time to Be Alive”

EPISODE NOTES – Episode 1: Introduction & Equinox

So many people have voraciously consumed Episode 1 of the Wizard of Monadnock Radio Hour that my inbox has been positively FLOODED with fan mail. You might think that sounds like a good thing, but it seems my fans are particularly rabid – and demanding. Almost menacingly so. And what do all of you lovely, ifContinue reading “EPISODE NOTES – Episode 1: Introduction & Equinox”

Happy equinox: Another season come round again at last

A few nights ago, in the midst of a boisterous crowd around a fire, a friend of mine kept stopping me midsentence: “Wait, wait, hold on, just a second,” he’d say, holding up his hands out palms forward, fingers to the sky. “Just hold on and look at all this. Look how perfect all this is.” HeContinue reading “Happy equinox: Another season come round again at last”

Hold away despair

Last week, I heard a 16-year-old violinist on the radio paraphrasing a Catholic priest who said that prayer set to music counts three times as much as a regular prayer. Leaving aside the numerous problems with this idea – I mean, for starters, even if we assume prayer is a real thing, what does itContinue reading “Hold away despair”

Jerome the Comforter

The following is an exclusive excerpt from Night of the Unemployed Wizard, a collection of poetry and songs and the very first Wizard of Monadnock Book. (It’s only a buck!) All ‘cross the land, the people disheartened, Many souls done been put through the ringer; Tho’ much is to be said of poets and theirContinue reading “Jerome the Comforter”

But they keep on Dancing

“Keep on dancing until the daylight, Breathe the morning air in song. No one’s noticed but the band’s all packed and gone; Was it ever here at all? But they keep on dancin’…” –John Perry Barlow Salaam! Peace be upon you. I hope that your Days of Midsummer were glorious, eventful, joyful, and filled withContinue reading “But they keep on Dancing”