Lamvánontas cháos: A meditation

A sword stabs the flower, The petals begin to fall. You always know the full moon will rise and set on time; It’s those half moons. You know what I mean. Always setting too early or too late, And it’s unsettling, if you notice. It’s never enough merely to be creative; One must actually beContinue reading “Lamvánontas cháos: A meditation”

Tuesday Blessing: Bright Moon, Long Nights

The light of our full moon is bright as it sets this morning. We’ve watched it grow, and now that growth is complete. May we understand those aspects of our own lives that have grown with it. The light of our sun, our blessed life-giver, It is at its lowest this week, and we’ve longContinue reading “Tuesday Blessing: Bright Moon, Long Nights”

System Problems?

“If you don’t like the system, create your own system.” — Abd’el Hakim Awyan, Khemitian Wisdom Keeper In the true fashion of a stereotypically unreliable wizard, I spontaneously took the last two weeks off. I wanted to begin work on a fictional side-project and recharge my own batteries to prepare for the seasonal changes toContinue reading “System Problems?”