A wizard’s summer vacation (Happy solstice!)

The end of the year, the beginning of winter, the year’s darkest days, the period we commonly think of as Christmastime – this is undeniably a magical time. As the cold and darkness surround us, we are warmed by our spirits and our companionship; facing the difficult days ahead, we are yet filled with mirth andContinue reading “A wizard’s summer vacation (Happy solstice!)”

If freedom isn’t free, how come I can’t sell it?

I don’t know about you, but I would sell it and use the money to get something more practical. Why would anyone want to sell their freedom? That sounds awful! But when you think about it, “freedom” isn’t much of anything at all. I’m just saying. Maybe we could all be a little less clingy aboutContinue reading “If freedom isn’t free, how come I can’t sell it?”

10 or 11 pictures of Robert de Niro, with my random thoughts thrown in there

(3/30 10:18 PM: See below, post updated to correct erroneous information about local mammals.) A groundbreaking combination never before conceived…until now. I obviously haven’t been posting much lately, and sometimes it’s because I don’t have any good ideas, or at least any good ideas that I want to bother actually turning into reality. (Sometimes it’sContinue reading “10 or 11 pictures of Robert de Niro, with my random thoughts thrown in there”

I am so going to jail one day

Really, guys, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it – I’m cool with it. Definitely no reason for you to worry about it. Sometimes life, in rather large ways, doesn’t turn out “right.” Certain aspects of capital-R Reality aren’t going to conform to our expectations. Our challenge is to grasp this, to accept it, and toContinue reading “I am so going to jail one day”

Coyote Carlos’ Top 10 things you need to know about health!

The following is (allegedly) excerpted from the obscure and rare Coyote Carlos’ Almanac, understood by none but universally recognized to be old. Surely there must be some value in that.  Coyote Carlos’ 10 Things You Need To Know About Health: Health without rich and fulfilling enjoyment is the shiny aluminum frame on a car withContinue reading “Coyote Carlos’ Top 10 things you need to know about health!”

Hold away despair

Last week, I heard a 16-year-old violinist on the radio paraphrasing a Catholic priest who said that prayer set to music counts three times as much as a regular prayer. Leaving aside the numerous problems with this idea – I mean, for starters, even if we assume prayer is a real thing, what does itContinue reading “Hold away despair”

About the Wizard of Monadnock

In a sense, you could say it’s strange that I like religion and politics so much considering how little they’ve ever done for me. I’m surprised no one has ever called me out on this before. But let’s be honest. Has either ever really been helpful to you? If you’re like most people in AmericaContinue reading “About the Wizard of Monadnock”