The Winds of Monte Rosa

On the coming of the Equinox in chaotic times. Everything of that day was autumn. The sun beamed in friendly fashion down upon our rock stronghold. It was still quite warm and formidable, but something in its character revealed the beginnings of its terminal wane. The wind, blowing steadily throughout the day’s adventure, made fewerContinue reading “The Winds of Monte Rosa”

You can take your pumpkin spice lattes and….

All you fall-lovers can go to hell. Happy Autumnal Equinox, you smug bastards. All right, all right, enough of that. I’m baiting you and indulging myself – on purpose, of course. The truth, as ever, is more complicated. My baiting indulgence and cruel cursing is rooted in a couple of factors. For one, I’ve noticed aContinue reading “You can take your pumpkin spice lattes and….”

It’s OK to talk to dead people if you want

October is the month in which we bear witness to the precise opposite of spring. Some years, like this one, we see this made manifest in brilliant and awe-inspiring fashion, but whether the deciduous leaves delight us for weeks with tons of fire or skip stubbornly right from green to brown, then straight to theContinue reading “It’s OK to talk to dead people if you want”

The Wizard’s Homecoming

It’s a far gone lullaby, sung many years ago; Mama, mama, many worlds I’ve come Since I first left home. Going home, going home, By the waterside I will rest my bones, And listen to the river sing sweet songs To rock my soul. -Robert Hunter, “Brokedown Palace” I wonder if the fact that theContinue reading “The Wizard’s Homecoming”

I said hi to a hunter in the sky: A constellation meditation

Last week, late one night, Orion rolled up over the side of the horizon. I hadn’t seen the rough old bastard in a while. I never see him in the summer. So I said hey, what’s up. I don’t care for the winter, but it’s good to see you again. Everybody knows it’s time forContinue reading “I said hi to a hunter in the sky: A constellation meditation”

Kicking off an exciting fall season at WoM

It might still be hot and muggy in New England, but don’t let that fool you. Another equinox lies just around the bend, and another harvest season is upon us. But morn not the passing of the light and the warmth! The fall holds many exciting things in store here at the Wizard of Monadnock.Continue reading “Kicking off an exciting fall season at WoM”

The Seeds are a Damn Metaphor – It’s All a Damn Metaphor

“What did you do in your past life?” When I first started at my previous job, in early 2005, that was the question people asked you, and that was the way they asked it. I liked it because it was weird. It was one of the many quirky things about this new safari I wasContinue reading “The Seeds are a Damn Metaphor – It’s All a Damn Metaphor”

On Seeds Planted Long Ago: A Wizardy Harvest Message

Well, once again, a major marker in the Wheel of the Year has come and gone with no commentary by a Wizard clearly derelict in his most simple and basic duties. After all, they’re only 4 (or 8, depending on how we want to count) times per year – how hard can that be? What canContinue reading “On Seeds Planted Long Ago: A Wizardy Harvest Message”

To Seeds Planted Long Ago: A Simple Prayer

That we reap what we sow is neither good nor bad. It just is.  Let us accept that, Let us breathe that, Let it become part of us – and us of it. It is the time of the harvest. The pinnacle of this year has long since past, Even as we hurtle toward theContinue reading “To Seeds Planted Long Ago: A Simple Prayer”