This Year, Equinox Week is Election Week (Dispatches from Campaign HQ)

Bet you didn’t know we did elections at the Wizard of Monadnock. Until a couple weeks ago, neither did me. How and when exactly this little endeavor came to me, I can’t quite recall. The fact of the matter is, I sprang right into action, putting together a democratic election apparatus and inventing bylaws andContinue reading “This Year, Equinox Week is Election Week (Dispatches from Campaign HQ)”

Important announcement: I know nothing about New Hampshire politics

You know what I’m not in the mood for? Midterm elections. 2014 has caught me in a foul political temper, and my early 2004 self is very disappointed. He was the guy who loved every political twist and turn, relished the gamesmanship of the two party system, who went to Faneuil Hall from 11 pmContinue reading “Important announcement: I know nothing about New Hampshire politics”

Election is not a Dirty Word

Guys, let’s win. After all these decades of defeat, infighting, and general obscurity, the time is now for the left to develop a broad, cooperative national strategic framework. Ours is no age for complacent, self-satisfied defeat, ideological purity video games, or boutique dilettante circle-jerking. If we make a run at it, we’ve got a shot. No run,Continue reading “Election is not a Dirty Word”