How I Found Hope at the Circus

“…then maybe there’s actually hope for the world,” I said to my wife. “And how often do you ever hear me say something like that?” “Less often than a blue moon,” she replied. She was being charitable. It’s not that I’m a dour person (though it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been so accused). IContinue reading “How I Found Hope at the Circus”

IV. When You’re Young, it’s Okay to be Stupid (Days of Change)

The I Ching’s fourth hexagram is about young, dumb students and their older, wiser teachers. We are presented with a magnificent image from nature—a wild spring at the foot of a mountain. The mountain, representing the teacher, looms above, seasoned and still, while the spring, the student, pools below before flowing onward as all waterContinue reading “IV. When You’re Young, it’s Okay to be Stupid (Days of Change)”