Notes for Episode 7 – “Holy Week” with Revolutionary Pastor Dave Capozzi

At long last! Here’s our notes! As promised, as always, please head over and take a peek at the Patreon. Become a real blessed pilgrim and get prizes for your patronage! Yes, it’s true – I’m running for Library Trustee of Peterborough. The campaign is only four weeks long, so I’m not setting up aContinue reading “Notes for Episode 7 – “Holy Week” with Revolutionary Pastor Dave Capozzi”

Triumphal Entryism: A Secular Christian Sermon for Holy Week

  “And he entered the temple and began to drive out those who were selling and those who were buying in the temple, and he overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold doves; and he would not allow anyone to carry anything through the temple. He was teachingContinue reading “Triumphal Entryism: A Secular Christian Sermon for Holy Week”

Somewhere so High Above This Wall: A Secular Christian Sermon

One of the interesting things about being thirty is that you’re still pretty young – the olds will tell you this in no uncertain terms, if it seems hard to believe yourself – yet you’ve managed to collect enough years that you can start making some larger observations. Not necessarily clearer ones or more definitiveContinue reading “Somewhere so High Above This Wall: A Secular Christian Sermon”

I Don’t Hate New Hampshire After All

Lest anyone be confused, this is actually an Easter post. Bonding with a Tree It’s during this time of the year in particular, early to mid-spring, I think back to my days as a kid in a quiet and rural town in north-central Massachusetts. I always liked to climb trees, scrambling much higher than my motherContinue reading “I Don’t Hate New Hampshire After All”

System Problems?

“If you don’t like the system, create your own system.” — Abd’el Hakim Awyan, Khemitian Wisdom Keeper In the true fashion of a stereotypically unreliable wizard, I spontaneously took the last two weeks off. I wanted to begin work on a fictional side-project and recharge my own batteries to prepare for the seasonal changes toContinue reading “System Problems?”