Walk Upon the Earth: A Brand New Meditation for Unity Tuesday

Today, in the slightly mischievous spirit of Unity Tuesday, let’s try a crazy exercise. We never do this kind of thing, especially not in the middle of the day. The thing is, it’s just so easy in the course of any given day (whether it’s Unity Tuesday or not) to fail to recognize the trueContinue reading “Walk Upon the Earth: A Brand New Meditation for Unity Tuesday”

Space Travelers of Earth: A Unity Tuesday Blessing

This morning, as our funny Mother Earth spins us again into the realm of sunlight, This morning, as a new day has come upon us here, This morning, may down low we stand tall, up above shine down bright, This morning, may we open our eyes and blaze alive without fear. Today, we go forthContinue reading “Space Travelers of Earth: A Unity Tuesday Blessing”

Celebrate the Fresh Green

What a special Saturday morning tomorrow will be. Go outside and take a deep breath of what hits you. Buds bursting everywhere, temperatures sparking upward, the fresh young sun just beginning to bake that dank post-winter earth. It’s a special day, it’s a special time of year, and it’s time to celebrate. Life is comingContinue reading “Celebrate the Fresh Green”

XII. When Earth Feels Like Mars

If you read the previous post in the Days of Change series, you may remember that I very much appreciate the 11th hexagram. This, the 12th, is its opposite. I don’t like it. I try not to be like that, but this just generally represents something I don’t usually want to talk about. When IContinue reading “XII. When Earth Feels Like Mars”

II. The Real World, Planet Earth (Days of Change)

  The second hexagram we encounter paints a vastly different picture—and, as you can see, is comprised entirely of dark and broken lines. While it is tempting to view the second hexagram as the opposite of the first, it is important rather to understand it to be its complement, fitting together like the two equalContinue reading “II. The Real World, Planet Earth (Days of Change)”